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Every year, corporate misconduct and securities fraud cause the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars of institutional investor asset value.  To protect the assets entrusted to their care, it is critical that institutional investors are able to identify losses from corporate wrongdoing, and are fully informed of all their legal options. Rigrodsky Law provides comprehensive services that enable its institutional clients to meet those fiduciary challenges. 

Through its complimentary Portfolio Monitoring services, Rigrodsky Law identifies, and alerts its institutional clients to, any significant losses resulting from fraud, director or officer misconduct, insider self-dealing, or other corporate wrongdoing.  As part of its Case Evaluation services, Rigrodsky Law provides its institutional clients with a detailed analysis of all options to redress such wrongs, including an assessment of the strength of the merits of any potential legal claims. Based on its analysis, Rigrodsky Law recommends a course of action, such as litigation to recoup portfolio losses, litigation to effect corporate governance changes, participation in state or federal regulatory recovery efforts, or taking no action at all, based on the best interests of the client.  If the client determines that litigation is its best option, Rigrodsky Law offers Litigation Services by experienced attorneys who have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for aggrieved investors, to pursue the maximum achievable recovery.

Learn more about the Firm’s Portfolio Monitoring, Case Evaluation, and Litigation Services.   

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