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Litigation Services

Rigrodsky Law’s experienced litigators provide personalized Litigation Services to its institutional clients.  Members of the Firm have decades of experience successfully litigating complex cases and have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of institutional and individual investors for violation of the federal securities laws; inadequate merger consideration; breach of fiduciary duties by corporate insiders; and violation of consumer protection laws. Rigrodsky Law has also achieved significant corporate governance changes to redress corporate money laundering and corrupt foreign practices, and to enforce corporate compliance with federal and state banking rules and regulations, and applicable worker-safety rules and regulations.  The Firm has also pursued claims on behalf of workers denied overtime compensation as required by federal and state labor laws.

Rigrodsky Law leverages technology to maximize its litigation efficiency. The Firm has retained electronic document database experts to manage the large volume of materials produced in discovery, and has retained and worked with an expert in data analysis to successfully review and analyze more than 890 million transaction records in a consumer banking litigation.

Members of the Firm, which include former federal and state court law clerks and prosecutors, are experienced trial lawyers who are willing and able to pursue litigation through trial and appeal, if necessary, to achieve the maximum benefit for their clients.  Rigrodsky Law does so, however, only when it is in the best interests of the client.  When the Firm determines that the client’s needs are best served by taking no action, as is the case if the merits of the claims are weak, Rigrodsky Law does not balk at recommending against litigation.  Likewise, the Firm will only recommend a settlement that maximizes recovery to the client and the class when balanced against the risks of further litigation.  Rigrodsky Law’s Litigation Services are client-focused and client-driven.

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