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Shareholder Derivative Litigation

The Firm litigates shareholder derivative and corporate books and records lawsuits in courts located throughout the United States. A shareholder derivative lawsuit is a specific type of case brought by a current shareholder of the corporation against its officers and/or directors based on the claim that they violated their fiduciary duties to the corporation and caused it to suffer an injury, typically in situations where the company has violated federal securities laws, banking laws, environmental laws, and worker health and safety laws. The Firm has successfully litigated many such cases in an effort to improve corporate governance and accountability, and return funds to the corporate treasury for the benefit of all investors.

The Firm also regularly pursues corporate books and records actions in an effort to investigate possible corporate misconduct. These types of actions are usually fast-moving and can result in the production of non-public information useful to assess whether corporate wrongdoing has occurred and whether further substantive litigation is necessary, including the filing of a shareholder derivative action. The Firm has successfully pursued books and records actions on behalf of investors in a number of jurisdictions, most notably in the Delaware Court of Chancery.

See the Firm's Successes to read more about the Firm’s achievements on behalf of investors in shareholder derivative and corporate books and records actions.

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