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Case Evaluation

Rigrodsky Law carefully assesses all potential claims in connection with the losses suffered by its institutional clients.  The Firm reviews and analyzes all available evidence and, where appropriate, retains and consults with outside experts such as computer systems and database experts, forensic accountants, industry experts, and economic experts. Rigrodsky Law also utilizes private investigators to identify and locate potential witnesses.  The merits of all potential claims, as well as any pitfalls in proceeding with litigation, are critically scrutinized as part of the Firm’s analysis.

Rigrodsky Law recommends a course of action to its institutional clients based on the client’s, and not the Firm’s, best interests.  The Firm may recommend that the client pursue litigation by filing an action; seek appointment as a lead plaintiff in existing litigation; file an action in state, as opposed to federal, court; seek additional information from the corporation through a state books and records action; make a demand for action on the board of directors; pursue recovery through a regulatory action; or take no action at all.  The specific facts of each case, and unique circumstances of each client, are the foremost considerations in the Firm’s recommendations.

Where appropriate, Rigrodsky Law may also recommend that an institutional client opt out of a class settlement to pursue its individual remedies.  In such cases, the Firm engages in a detailed analysis of the strength of the claims and the defenses, the rationale for the settlement, the adequacy of the class recovery, and the adequacy of the client’s recovery. Where Rigrodsky Law determines that participation in a settlement is not in the client’s best interests, it will recommend that the client preserve its individual claim by opting out of the class.  Such recommendation, however, is only made where the Firm determines that a substantial, and not incremental, increase in the client’s recovery is possible.      

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